Childhood Bullying - was it worth it?!

I have a theory about the way in which I started to paint in an overwhelmingly prolific way last year ... and it starts with my childhood.

I experienced a deeply distressing time at the hands of bullies at school between the ages of 8-12.  (Incidentally, I endured a very similar experience in the work-place in my early twenties, but I certainly don't want to dwell on that.)

Looking back, I vaguely remember having lots of creative ideas with design, fabric & interior design; so why did I not pursue it through the school years?  Is it possible that through the truly grim times of feeling lonely, isolated and receiving the torrent of verbal abuse on a daily basis, it chipped away at my confidence?  I now believe the first thing to go was my ability to feel free enough to create, imagine and just be free of constraints.

I found a happy place in numbers - yes, you read that right: I loved maths!  One of my favourite memories is algebra & quadratic equations!!!!! There is safety in numbers, you know where you stand and mostly it's a case of 'black and white'.

So any creative stuff was dropped in the early years of education, I somehow squeezed my round peg into the square hole of sciences, getting the grades to lead me to a degree in Marketing & Accountancy; then in to a business career, albeit in the creative industries.

Fast-forward decades: I was at a point in my life where I'd experienced my share of knocks and tough moments, not quite broken but as near as damn it!  So when I started painting, not only was it incredibly liberating but I was painting in a totally instinctive, simplistic, and dare I say childlike approach.  

Thank goodness for those nasty kids back in the 70s & 80s.  Thank you, bullies, for forcing me to be self reliant, resourceful and inadvertently setting the course to where I am now.

The best bit?  I had the most exhilarating business career, fabulous times, but now I'm even more blessed because being 45 before painting professionally means I am a mother with a wonderful family backing me all the way.  When you have the right people around you, anything is possible.

Sally x