Feeling Blue ...

When I'm asked to describe the style of my paintings, I often say 'bold & bright', 'abstract', 'large, statement pieces'. There is, however, a very different series of work that I have an emotional investment in ... my 'Blue People'.

Certainly in the first year of painting, I would consistently paint every hour I could: all day and late, late into the nights.  I didn't want to stop, but inevitably my energy calmed a little (!) and there was less of a frenetic style to my work.  One night, I only wanted to paint in blue and I was almost asleep at my painting table, but as I let my mind wander I found myself painting simple, blue people which I attributed to emotions and memories.

The very first one 'Contemplation' was bought by the editor of a leading UK women's magazine: and I have a lot to thank her for, because that first purchase encouraged me to share other pieces and led me to paint many more.

Months later, and I still feel it a treat to find a calm & quiet time to paint these figures: I allow my mind to wander and I paint from the heart.