Creative Insanity

I am being asked more and more to explain how I started painting. To try and justify how I suddenly knew how and what to paint. How did I start selling my work? How have I managed to survive off little or no sleep night after night? How does my family feel about it?  How is it possible to paint so prolifically?  What's the secret?... Well, there is no secret!  (This might be the point to state that I have never taken drugs and rarely drink alcohol!)  I have always been driven and determined, and these qualities have been even more heightened since I've started painting.

Of course I am incredibly inspired and grateful, but this sense of madness is sometimes no picnic; it's no coincidence I paint a lot of 'Storms'.  I describe my mindset as creative insanity. 

I use this term deliberately. The way I paint feels like an obsession; I often find it difficult to concentrate on anything else, I have a constant stream of ideas and thoughts I'd like to explore, and although I am happy  and fulfilled I have little time, patience and energy to devout to anything else.  This part of the story I can deal with, but as I often refer to in my social media posts, I find it incredibly difficult to manage this overwhelming need to paint with trying to function as a wife and mother.  All I want to do is be responsible for me, to paint, and not have a care in the world outside my studio space.  Of course any parent will know that's impossible.

Please don't be offended if I cancel appointments, politely turn down offers to meet-up & be a no-show at social gatherings.  This is a crazy time in my  life, and if it doesn't all work out then I'll have all the time in the world to chat ... for now I'm barely spending time with my nearest and dearest! 

Sally x